What if .....

Ok moms, what if you brought out that DSLR camera every time you went to the park, went for a walk, or started a fun creative activity at home? What would happen if you strapped that thing to your neck every single time and took some shots for 5-10 minutes during your fun activity? What if you greatly improved your photography skills by doing this?

I want to create this blog as a tool for YOU! I am a huge advocate for moms that want to take better pictures. I have been in this business for 6 years professionally, and almost 20 years as a hobbyist! I have been mostly self taught but studied film photography and digital photography at the same time in college as this field was slowly progressing towards the digital world. I was super grateful to be able to study the art of FILM! Every time someone asks me how did I learn to take better pictures I always refer to a film camera. Put your camera in the dreaded MANUAL mode and you will learn the loveliness of light control... I promise you.

I truly believe every mom wants and deserves beautiful photos of their children. So stay tuned for future educational and just for fun blog posts! They will be specifically geared towards photographing children of all ages, lenses, lighting, adventures with the kids, and more! I want to share as much as I can on here to get you started in this beauiful world behind the lens.

About these pictures:

This was a little art project I thought of for the girls and it turned out to be so special. The girls thought it was the best night ever! Macy actually said... "wow mom, this is even better than Netflix!" I'll take that as a win! Since we were so close to sunset (the golden hour) the lighting was spectacular for photographs.